Saturday, 17 January 2015

Another Epic journey - Part 1

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This time round the legs are not as long and as intensive, but they are Beautiful!!! Lots more pictures to be seen and a few videos thrown in on the side. (That reminds me, I still need to upload them onto Youtube - haha)

The "sunshine in a tin" as in Leg 10 and 11 will feature in this story a little, just watch out for it.

Introduction to my cousin Katja - the world traveller. She can tell you lots of stories and has been around the world last year on a one year sabbatical. She has seen some pretty interesting things and has lots and lots of stories to tell. She LOVES the sunshine and heat and the weather this time round did not disappoint (ok, perhaps up the West Coast, but any other time after that was HOT and amazing!). Katja lives in Hamburg, Germany and is the BEST travel companion.

(A slight disclaimer - not all the pictures are mine, Katja and I exchanged ours and the ones posted here are a combination.)

Arrival at CT airport
Technically that is not her, but you get the drift.

We spent Monday to Wednesday in Cape Town, trying to fit in all the things that she missed out on the last time. Got out first sunburn as well. This included a trip to the LEGO exhibit in the Waterfront. Well worth the pricey entrance fee.

Then we hit the road, up the West Coast. We took the roads as close to the sea as possible.
A little map for you.

Since Katja wanted to see the Postcard View of Table mountain, this is were we started, on  a sunny, windy day. with a few Shadows...
 Postcard perfect - well almost :)

After the short stop, we then drove to the Westcoast National Park. Last time I was here it was teeming with flowers, but in Summer there are not a lot to be seen. We did see some buck, however.
 and seagulls
 and teensy tortoises
 and bigger ones
 and waves on the rocks.
 A bit of a shell-beach
 AND - there she is :)
 A bit of a pnorama of the park
 And this is how windy it was....

You can tell it was later in the afternoon, so we headed into Langebaan for our first night. Thanks to the Lonely Planet Guide we also found some places still available. This one is A Pebbles Pond. Those who follow me on Instagam will have noticed a few pictures along the way. I'm sure some were worried it was going to be beds all the way :)

At the same place I saw this in the window and thought it was very fitting.

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